What is the difference between cost-per-click and pay per click

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What is the difference between cost-per-click and pay per click?

If you are an entrepreneur then you would understand that digital marketing is such a big part of the business world. Digital marketing essentially means promoting your service or product online. It is only done online and an internet marketing agency is essential in such a case. If you want to promote your service or product through digital marketing then do contact an agency. There are many facets to digital marketing and it is done in different types. Basically, there are PPC and CPC that are different and main types of digital marketing. To be honest, these are similar and have different approaches. PPC is a particular marketing type. CPC is an approach that is more based on performance. If you want to know that PPC is doing well or not start looking at your CPC and then contact your digital marketing company that about what you can do to improve them and convert them into solid leads. It is better if you improve your CPC in some cases, if you do that there is a better chance that you might attract more customers. 

If you want to know more about these two types of digital marketing then read the entire article. You will know all you need to know about CPC or PPC.

What is Pay per click or PPC?

As we mentioned briefly in the section above that PPC or fully known as pay per click, is a crucial element of your marketing plan. If you want to generate leads you should focus on PPC, it is crucial for this aspect of marketing. Pay per click does improve the overall reach of your product or service. It is essential to focus on this, so you should go to a pay per click advertising company to get this aspect of marketing right. How PPC operates is that it will make your articles and website appear on top when people search for something on the web. As the name suggests, in PPC you have to pay for the advertisement in the case when the users click on the ad or article, if they don't, you shouldn't pay. Now, let's move to the other type of marketing type, Cost Per Click.


When you take your campaign online, you should check whether your advertisement is making an impact or not. In that case, CPC or cost per click comes into play. 

CPC assesses the total cost per click cost of your Pay per click ads. If we had to explain it to you guys, if you guys paid Rs. 1000 for your PPC ad and it gets 1000 clicks then you’re expending Rs. 1 on every advertisement click.

This will give you guys an idea of the internet marketing solutions that these marketing types will provide.


We have given you a brief introduction on how pay per click marketing works and how it provides advantages to you for enlarging your reach and attracting potential leads. How it makes your ad appear on top with the help of search engines. Also, how CPC or cost per click comes into play. It is essential for you to use this if you want to know how your advertisement is doing with the help of PPC. We absolutely suggest that you should go to the marketing agencies and ask them to help you with reaching a wider audience for your product or service. Also, ensure to use these types of marketing tools to get you through with your business. We hope we have given enough details to you regarding CPC and PPC.

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