How To Activate auto clicker for school chromebook?

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If you are looking for a fast auto clicker for chromebook and the procedure to activate it then read this post to the end. Here we’ll tell you the methods to activate the auto-clicker on a Chromebook.

Method 1: Use In-Built Auto Clicker

You can simply turn your mouse into an auto clicker for school chromebook by simply following the instructions listed below:

  1. First of all, press Alt + Shift + S on your Chromebook.

  2. Select “Advanced” from the setting menu.

  3. Now the “Accessibility” option is visible. Choose “Manage accessibility” from it.

  4. Click the "Mouse and touchpad" option and choose "Automatically click".

  5. A few options, such as click delay, stabilizing click location, movement threshold, etc., can be changed to suit your preferences.

  6. After enabling the automated click, you can modify it using a variety of features.

Method 2: Install Auto Clicker Extensions

There are various auto-clicker extensions available on the internet that you can use freely for your school Chromebook. It only requires a minimum setting to activate those extensions and it is quite easy to use them. Here we’ve mentioned some extensions.

  • Auto Clicker

  • Clickin

  • Click.Repeat.

  • Auto Clicker - AutoFill

  • GG Auto Clicker 1.1

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