How to find broken links?

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How to find broken links?

Want to find broken links do not worry we are here to help you and solve the issues you are facing. It is very much frustrating when you create a website and put a lot of hard work into it and create links but the links are not working which means they are broken then you do not know what to do. 

Now let us know why do people have to deal with a broken link in the link building SEO services so that you can understand this problem in a better way. 

Why broken links can be harmful – 

  1. The first cause could be that the users are clicking on the link but what they get is that they is a dead-end and error of 404 and this might make them irritated and they might never return to your site ever. 

  2. Another thing can be that they will devalue the efforts of your SEO as the broken links will interrupt the continuous search which will give you a negative impact and a negative remark as well. 

Ways to solve the issue of broken links – 

  1. The users can try some of the broken link checkers like Google analytics and Xenu to first find out the broken links and then only they can be repaired. 

  2. The users can now create a report and also track your changes to find out where the exact problems lie because of which you are dealing with broken links. 

  3. Now once the data is analyzed you need to decide which pages you need to redirect to ensure smooth working of your site without any errors. 

  4. Once selected you to need to redirect the pages in the CMS and then see if the pages have been redirected properly or not. 

  5. Once all this is completed your problem will be fixed as well and you will face no further issues. 

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